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Advice for a hopeful nursing student

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I am new to the site. I know this question probably gets asked alot. I am currently finishing up basics and applying to nursing school. Do you all have any recommended books/flashcards , practice tests that I could start doing? I just want to get a head start. Any advoce you can give me I would really appreciate it so much. Thank you and sorry to ask a question im sure is posted on here alot.
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    Oh I am currently a CNA and own a certified nurse aide school so have a little experience in medical field
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    I just got accepted into the nursing school! I was just like you, wanting to get a head start but I have been told to just relax and enjoy this time that I do have to sleep and hang out with family and friends because once you're in the program, all of that is over! LOL! So I would say do a little reading but don't stress your self out just yet!
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    When I was applying to school, I wanted to get a head start on the material too, just to stay motivated! What I ended up doing was asking current students what textbook they used for nursing fundamentals and ordered a used version online. Fundamentals of Nursing will be one of the first classes you take at any program. I recommend a used version because you never know if the school you are going to will soon be switching to a new edition, plus the "old" content will still be relevant. Good luck to you and stay positive!
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    I think there is no problem in getting a head start, but I plan to make sure I am PREPARED. I want to make sure I know what I am suppose to know for the fall. I am rereading my entire A&P book over the summer and memorizing everything. LOL seriously!!!
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    I start nursing school in the fall... I ordered a few books from Amazon to read this summer (Mosby's Tour Guide to Nursing School by Melodie Chenevert, Critical Thinking & Clinical Judgement by Rosalinda Alfaro, Dosage Calculations by Gloria Pickar & How to Survive (and Maybe Even Love) Nursing School by Kelli Dunham. I am also going to go over my A & P too. Good luck!
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    Well since my class start day was pushed from the 3rd to this Friday they sent us a "pre nursing packet" that consisted of a COUPLE HUNDRED "intro to medical terminolgy" words complete with definitions (of course) and math problems. So I would say become familiar with any and all medical terminology and know the metric system and fractions inside and out.
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    My favorite A&P review site is: Anatomy and Physiology Learning Modules - CEHD - U of MThere's also a nifty "Search" function at the top of the website. Search for flash cards, study tips, helpful links, etc. You'll find a wealth of information

    Best of luck to you as you start your journey
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    Sopranokris, that site is great!!! I'm gonna use it too thanks for sharing!!!
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    Quote from Tinker88
    Sopranokris, that site is great!!! I'm gonna use it too thanks for sharing!!!
    You're welcome! It helped me so much with Anatomy and it's a great refresher once you're done.