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  1. 5 I got my letter today. I am a new Nursing student at University of Southern Maine! Anyone else get a letter?? I am so excited and scared!
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    I was recently accepted into Simmons College and UMass Boston, congratulations!! Very exciting
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    Congrats!!! I just got into EVC in San Jose , CA!! Woot woot I start in Jan14
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    Congrats to you!! Now the real hard work begins!
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    Are you a transfer student? I also apply to USM but I haven't heard from them yet
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    Congratulations!! That is amazing news!
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    Congrats to you OP and to all the newly accepted nursing students. Nursing school will be hard but it'll feel wonderful to finish to begin your nursing careers. All the best to you!
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    Congrats on getting accepted
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    welcome to the ranks. you've joined the elite few of sleepless night and no time for squat! congrats