ABSN program v.s. PA program: describe your experience

  1. 0 RNs who became PAs, please describe your experiences in each program. I understand that both BSN (ASNs, MSNs too,) and PA programs are intense and challenging but: Which program was more difficult and how so? How much and in what ways did your nursing background help you in PA school? How does the nursing model compare with the the medical model? Is it hard to make the transition from one model to the other? Why did you choose to become a PA rather than an NP? THANKS for your input!
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    You might try posting this in a different forum. Because this section is for pre-nursing, it's unlikely RNs who have gone on to PA or NP school would even see it, let alone people who are finished with their RNs.
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    You would probably have more luck asking on a PA forum.

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