ABSN/Direct Entry MSN Advice

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    I'm currently a senior in college with one semester left in a degree called: Interdisciplinary Studies- Health and Society.
    Recently I've realized I wanted to go into nursing. I did an EMT program a few years ago and did clinicals with many nurses. I also worked with nurses at an Alzheimer's and Dementia unit. Sadly now I'm realizing nursing when I'm almost done with my Bachelors.

    I've been looking into Accelerated BSN programs and Direct-Entry MSN programs.
    I was curious if anyone had any advice that was in a similar situation and what they chose.
    I'd like to eventually down the line be a Nurse Practitioner (and teachers/friends in nursing programs have told me about the changes occurring soon with needing a Doctorate for NP).
    Any advice/stories would be great.

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