A&P I Online .. StraigherLine?

  1. 0 My plan was to take A&P I & Lab at a different school by me to transfer to the University that I go to..but unfortunately, I can't do it. Has anyone heard of Straighterline? ( http://www.straighterline.com/bio201...1000001-b.html ) Anyone ever took A&P and Lab online before? Hopefully, it does transfer to my university but I am thinking of starting it in about 2 weeks and finish before school starts in August.
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    I don't know about that program. Be sure that the school you're transferring into accepts the big 4 (A&P I/II, Micro & Chem) in an Online format. I know that none of the BSN programs I am apply to will accept anything but a face to face lecture/lab credit.
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    I agree, it's better to be on the safe side and take A&P in class. I don't think most schools will accept an online lab format.

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