A&P I fall 2012 round up

  1. 2 Hello, I just wanted to find out who else is taking A&P I this semester. Perhaps we can help each other through it.
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    Im taking A&P also. I start tomorrow.
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    I'm taking A&P II starting tomorrow. I'm a little nervous...*gulp*
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    I start aug 27! It is my second time taking it because I took it during summer session and didn't do too hot.. I have a professor with a better teaching style this time so I am pretty excited!
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    SaraMC how was A&P?
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    I am starting A & P 1 tomorrow as well.
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    I start A&P tomorrow as well!!!
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    I start my A&P Tuesday.
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    I start Tuesday as well!!! Nervous yet excited:-)
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    Starting Tuesday!
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    Starting Tuesday
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    I start anatomy on the 27th.
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    I start A+P 1 on august 27th. I took it in 2001 but it's too old so I have to take it again. I remember it being pretty tough.

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