2011-2012 HRSA Scholarship Application Process - page 27

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Ok I know it is a little early for this but I wanted to open this thread to get the feel for this scholarship. I am planning to apply next year and wanted this thread to be an indicator of what is going on. I called the HRSA and... Read More

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    Thank God! That am not the only one they told this. I think am going to call my school to see if they received the email. Thanks guys
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    Just curious, is anyone else participating in the JR or SR costep program?
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    Just so everyone knows, I am the first and only applicant from my school to ever apply to this scholarship. My school, including the Nursing department did not even know about it until I approached them about it when the application became available. They DID NOT receive an e-mail with the information regarding the DCW, and did not know anything of it until I forwarded it to them. I would highly encouraged applicants (if you received the e-mail) to forward the e-mail to a Nursing Rep/Fin Aid Rep, as I wouldn't automatically assume they received it as well.
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    I wonder what the next step is????
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    Quote from UTnur85
    I wonder what the next step is????
    Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting, and more Waiting. Patiently of course
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    Ok I live in Fl, I got the dcw email, have appt with fin aid the 14th, app says under review....BUT I noticed of the docs I faxed when I open them up I only see 1 transcript instead of 3 and my academic letter of recommendation only has the first page uploaded and not page 2 OMG!!!!!
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    do you have fax comfirmation form that shows amount of pages you faxed over? if so you may want to call hrsa and advise them of the situation
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    I applied from AL, EFC of O, got the DCW email and waiting for nursing dir to fill it out. What happens next?
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    Cool another Bama!!! What school??? Well the only thing to do now is wait.
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    hopefully we can find something out in july like the applicants did last year