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    The University of Oklahoma department of anesthesia is very much in transition. CRNA positions are changing effective July 1st. I would not recommend this academic setting as a site for future employment for many reasons. Be cautious.
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    How are the CRNA positions changing? I know a lot of programs are moving toward doctorate level instead of master's.
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    Yes although I'm not looking into CRNA, it would be helpful for everybody if you posted a link, or something so that we could understand what the heck you are talking about.
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    More specifics please...
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    Humm....look at the stats for this member. Just joined and fired off this type of posting? Sounds like someone's either a bit disgruntled or fishing for something.
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    Yeah. Don't understand the position you are taking. There is an anesthesia residency there, but not a CRNA school. So why exactly is it a problem to work there?
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    Probably a ****** off MDA...