Chemistry Pre-Req

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    Did anyone else attend a BSN program that didn't require a chemistry laboratory component? If so, did you end up having to complete one later on before you were admitted into CRNA school? I have some e-mails regarding it currently pending at universities I'm considering applying to. Just curious. Thanks!
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    I didn't have chemistry prereq for BSN. So I had take gen. chemistry before applying to crna schools. It depends though, not every school requires a chemistry course.
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    My BSN program requires Chem with a lab and discussion designed for Nursing Students. This Chem is basically 4 semesters crammed into one. FUN TIMES! I'm assuming you'll need chem with a lab for a CRNA program.
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    You are assuming correctly. Not every crna program requires chemistry prereq but most of them do.
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    I also didn't have it in BSN program and took gen chem and ochem for crna school