WGU BSN....any problems transferring to a MSN/NP program?

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    I'm currently considering WGU for my BSN but am nervous about the whole competency pass/fail with a pass being a 3.0 thing. Has anyone encountered problems with this when looking at applying to other MSN NP programs?

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    I was wondering about the same thing.
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    I recall reading of at least one person running into this problem who posted about it on this site. It is something to consider and one should research with the programs they might be interested in. Do not take the automatic "assurances" from WGU advisors at face value. The advisor who tells you not to worry about it likely will not be around when you face the problem.
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    The thread below discusses whether other MSN/NP programs will accept a WGU degree (because of the competency unit issues):


    Hope this answers your questions!

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