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Utmb fnp program

  1. 0 Has anyone applied to UTMB FNP program for fall 2013? I am wondering if its very competitive? Does anyone have any info yet?
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    I applied for Fall 2013, and ended up getting accepted to start summer 2013. Very competitive program apparently over 480 applicants apply for fall.
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    I also applied for Fall 2013 and was accepted into Summer 2013. The deadline for Fall has been extended to June 1, 2013.

    I am sure it is very competitive.
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    Has anyone heard anything yet about the fall acceptance? Im still waiting...
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    Hey everyone, I got a rejection letter last week for utmb, and two weeks ago a rejection from tech via email. My merlin status never changed. I actually emailed tech on may 19 because I had not heard from them, the next day I got the email. Hope this helps
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    I have not heard anything yet :-/
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    I applied May 28 and got everything in. I filled supplemental application last 2 weeks. waiting for them