USD MEPN Program Applicants 2010-Waitlisted

  1. I just found out I was placed on the waitlist for the USD MEPN program for Fall 2010. USD is my top choice and having to wait even longer is killing me. Is anyone else out there on the waitlist? Does anybody know how long the waitlist is or if they have ranked it yet? I heard that about 10 people got in off the waitlist last year, but I'm wondering how many acceptances they sent out last year for the 50 spots? This year they sound out 75 acceptances for 50 spots, so it seems unlikely they will take many from the waitlist. Any information would help!
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  3. by   aussieD
    Hi! I was waitlisted as well. I just sent admissions an email inquiring to whether or not they have made waitlist decisions. Have you heard anything since you started this post?
  4. by   cnszja
    Nope, I haven't heard anything. When I first heard back I asked where I was on the waitlist and they said they would not "publish" their waitlist but we should hear by May 1 if we are accepted. Let me know if you find out anything new!