University of Southern Maine Direct Entry MS-Option Program 2013

  1. 0 Hey Guys-

    Did anyone apply to this program for entry in the summer of 2013? I just heard back this week that I got waitlisted. Is anyone planning on attending for sure? I would love to know the pro's and cons of the program.
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    Hi KoKe-

    I too just heard back from USM that I am on the waitlist. I am anxious to hear from others- especially students already in the program and those who were waitlisted and then ended up getting a spot. I too would like to hear some pros and cons! Did you apply to any other schools? Which specialty did you apply for? Nice to know someone out there is in my same boat!
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    I applied for the psych specialty. I've applied to MGH, Upenn, Vanderbilt, University of Rochester, Boston College, UTexas Austin....and then I plan on applying to UIC and Northeastern. I had a phone interview with University of Rochester, and then in-person interviews with Austin and UPenn. The waiting feels like forever.

    There's not a lot of printed info or threads about USM. Any info from alumni or applicants would be a great help!
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    I know of a few gals who were not accepted into the ABSN program, but were offered a spot in the traditional BSN program. Maybe not your first choice, but still a good option!
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    Hi Koke,
    I applied and was accepted to the Options program, Summer '12. I did quite a bit of research on USM, the program, and the student outcomes. It seems that the quality of instruction is quite high in most regards. Of course, there are anecdotes here and there of instructors who show less interest, or some that do not relay information well; however, this appears to be the exception and not the rule. It is a relatively small program also (the Options MSN) and from what I have heard from current and past students, the cohorts are very tight knit, for obvious reasons.
    I wish you well getting place off the wait list! There usually is some movement on these things as time goes on. Good luck and maybe I will see you in May! :-)
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    Is anyone out there in allnurses word accepted and planning on attending USM this summer?
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    Anyone that has been accepted or waitlisted to the USM Options program, I have just started a group on Facebook for us. If you are interested in joining, it is a closed group but not secret, so you will be able to find it easily if you search for University of Southern Maine MSN Option 2013. I thought it would be nice for us to get to know each other before May arrives.

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