University of Southern Alabama MSN Spring 2013

  1. Hey guys,

    I just got my acceptance letter for USA's MSN program in Emergency Med/Dual Role track.I wanted to see if anyone else out there is also in one of USA's programs from the spring and would be interested in forming a FB group to help us along as we maneuver through the semesters!
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  3. by   RNUS
    Congrats AshfaceRN. What is the FB page?
  4. by   AshfaceRN
    I haven't created one yet, I wanted to make sure no one else had already and if not, I'll make one asap! Are you in the program as well?
  5. by   AshfaceRN
    Here's the FB link! University of South Alabama MSN
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  6. by   ED Nurse Steph
    AshfaceRN... I will be starting the emergency Np program in a few days. Would live to chat with you. I sent a join request to the FB page.