University of San Francisco CNL Entry Masters Fall 2013

  1. 1 I didn't see a post for this yet, so I made this!!! Good luck to everyone
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    Hi there! I'm also applying to USF for the fall 2013. I was wondering, did you upload official or unofficial copies of your transcript to your application? I wasn't able to find which they preferred on the application. I know it noted that upon admission official copies would be required, so does that mean that unofficial will suffice for the application? I have the rest of the app done and ready to go, so hopefully it'll be submitted in the next day or two!
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    Just trying to finalize my personal statement, then I'll be good to go! Good luck everyone!!!!
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    Hi Madrid,

    I uploaded and also sent in my transcripts, just in case. Good luck
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    Thanks! I actually just stumbled on that thread last nite

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