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    I'm trying to get an idea of all the tuitions for MSN/NP programs. I just can't seem to find what UPenn's part time per credit costs. Their website says $4,382 per academic year for part time. Any idea of how many classes that includes or cost per credit? Thanks!

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    take that tuition reimbursement (TR) for the year and divide it by how many semesters you are taking for the year. Thats how much you are getting PER Semester.
    Some TR dont cover all tuition so you have to pay out of pocket. See your HR rep.
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    No I'm not talking about the reimbursement from the workplace, I'm just talking about what is their tuition in general? The website says their tuition is $4382/academic year, so what is the price per credit?
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    ohh I see. Im sorry I do not know. That is for the financial aid dept to tell you. I went to a NY university for my Masters and although per credit was $1300, my particular program was 12,000 for 12 credits.
    So it depends on your major and what your university offers.
    Good luck!

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