Univ of South AL.  DNP resources for new students Univ of South AL. DNP resources for new students | allnurses

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Univ of South AL. DNP resources for new students

  1. 0 Hello all just wanted to give all new Fall students an additional resource to ask questions of seasoned students in the same program as us. There is a facebook page created by a student from last years entering class. Just search facebook for USA/DNP and you will pull up this page. Hope this helps. The creator of this facebook page is a great resource to ask questions of and has helped me tremendously, does not mind helping at all.
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    Also anyone interested in USA BSN/DNP or MSN/DNP program they will be offereing a new spring spring admission cycle go to their website for details. They usually only admit once per year for the DNP program but will change that next year. The application for Spring 2011 will be posted after May14th. Hope this helps someone.
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    <clap clap clap> Thanks for posting the Facebook info! I look forward to starting this fall!
    Lisa / Michigan
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    Thank you for posting this info, I am very interested in this program!