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    I am wondering how many of you applied to UCSF's MSN program for 2010? I applied to the FNP specialty and am anxiously awaiting my acceptance/rejection letter. Are any of you re-applicants? This is my first time applying so I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of when the aceptance/rejection letters are mailed and/or posted to the application website.


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    Hey. There is already an active discussion thread on this topic at http://allnurses.com/post-graduate-n...ts-420514.html.

    To answer, they said postmarked by March 1st at the interviews but someone said they called and were told to expect to hear around March 15th
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    Thanks for your reply. It looks like that thread is for the MEPN program? I have applied to the MSN program (for nurses who already have a BSN & RN license). Are you a current applicant as well?

    Best wishes!

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