UCSF and SFSU NP 2013 admissions decisions

  1. Has anyone heard (besides MEPN candidates) from UCSF or SFSU? I'm waitlisted for UCLA, but not a word from UCSF or SFSU. UCSF says on its website that FNP, AGNP, and 3 other specialities were filled for Fall 2013 admissions as of March 11, so it seems like they have offered admissions to their top candidates.

    Wouldn't one expect UCSF to at least update admission status online for those denied?
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  3. by   svla
    I called SFSU, and a recording says that graduate decisions will be released 2nd week of April, so maybe by Thursday next week! Has anyone heard from UCSF, and if so did you get a letter, or did your status change online?
  4. by   murse89
    I was admitted to UCSF for the AGNP primary care specialty (my online status changed) last Wednesday. I'm probably going to decline my offer though since I got into UCLA. Good luck! Hope you hear something soon. The wait is the worst.
  5. by   svla
    Congratulations, murse89! That is awesome, getting into both UCLA and UCSF. I'm waitlisted for UCLA (my dream school!), but for UCSF I'm beginning to think that perhaps I may have a chance if someone declines. There is also the possibility that denied candidates will be the last to be notified maybe that's why my status says under review. But I need to think POSITIVE!

    Just curious, but you must have a stellar GPA and recs to be offered admission to both?
  6. by   svla
    murse89, can you tell me how many days/weeks UCLA and UCSF gave you to make a decision? Assuming that someone declines to the specialities that I have applied for, I'm trying to figure out when I might hear from UCLA (I'm on the waitlist), or from UCSF (haven't heard a thing so far). Thanks!
  7. by   murse89
    @svla - sorry for the late reply. UCLA gave me a deadline of March 29 and UCSF is on April 8. Both schools only gave about a week to send in my intent to enroll. I think each specialty was notified at different times though so the deadline might differ with each one. Hope that helps!
  8. by   student002
    Hi I was recenlty noted as an alternate for the UCSF FNP 2013 cycle. I was told I am in the top ten and a decision could be made as laste as August 2013. My question is for anyone who has been an alternate for UCSF and what there experience was. Thank you.
  9. by   svla
    Thanks for the reply, murse89! It sounds like I should hear something in the next 2 weeks, since I haven't received a denial yet from either UCLA or UCSF.

    If I had the luxury of choosing between them, it would be really hard because both are great schools. One side of my brain says UCLA, the other says UCSF. One important factor for me will be whether I can work a couple of days/week and still have enough time for school. I know graduate school will be very demanding. What made your decision as to where to go between the two?
  10. by   fancyeyes
    can you guys post your stats (GPA, GRE) and what schools accepted/waitlisted/declined? I'm interested in SFSU, UCSF, UCLA...
  11. by   murse89
    @svla - It was definitely a hard decision to make, but a good hard decision to make because both were my top choices and I don't think I would have gone wrong with either school. I was pretty sure I would chose UCSF if it came down to it and I almost did. But, I changed my mind last minute because I thought about it and UCLA is a better fit for me. I know that both program will be rigorous and have it's stressful moments, so because I live in San Diego, the prospect of having home and my family and friends nearby whenever I need them was ultimately what decided it for me. Also, it would be cheaper and UCLA is offering me a Fellowship so the fact that I probably won't have to take out loans for the first year was too much to pass up. As far as working, I keep hearing that it is hard to work more than per diem in these programs. I'm going to try to see if I can keep my job at the hospital I work at now (in SD) and maybe work every other weekend while in school, but I'm not sure yet. Anyways, long post sorry lol. I hope you hear back soon!
  12. by   rainingeleven
    Just wondering if anyone has heard from SFSU yet? I was told decisions would go out the last 2 weeks of April and April is almost over. I'm getting antsy checking my status all the time!
  13. by   jaja77809
    I am still waiting to hear from SFSU as well! Any word yet?
  14. by   rainingeleven
    Still nothing! Normally I wouldn't be so antsy, but first they said we'd hear back the last 2 weeks of April. Then when I called, I was told they were sending out decisions last week. I called again yesterday and at first she said she thought they had finished sending the decisions, but then on 2nd thought said maybe that was only for the FNP certificate people. They were supposed to call me back with some answers, but haven't yet.

    I got accepted to CSU Long Beach and UC Denver, but I'm from SF and my family is there so I think that is my first choice. Either way, I just want to know already.

    Did you apply other places? Good luck!