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Hey all, Starting this thread to find out if anyone else has applied to ucla's np program starting this fall 2013. I applied for Acute care np. Would love to find out who has what information. Best of luck... Read More

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    Hey guys, just want to let you know that I received my acceptance letter to the FNP specialty today. I live in LA. My status online said a decision wasn't made yet and no email but I received my letter. So I'm guessing the status online isn't being updated as quickly at the letters are being sent out. My deadline is April 5th. It says I should receive an email though with registration material. Good luck everyone!! The letters are rolling out
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    Congrats to those who got letters!! I'm still waiting to hear back. NO decisions. NOthing in the mail for acute care NP. Best of luck
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday via postal office. My online status still says no decision has been made. I am so excited! I always want to move to CA and go to UCLA. I was rejected a weeks ago by UCSF (I only applied two schools) and I was so depressed. I thought I had no hope getting in UCLA, but I guess anything can happen. Good luck to all of those who are still waiting for the results! The letters are coming, and never give up your hopes!
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    Congrats! Which specialty?
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    Family Nurse Practitioner.
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    @llzz congrats!! I was just wondering how you heard back from UCSF? I applied too but haven't heard back and neither has my online status changed from under review.. I prob didnt get in but I want to know for sure before making any final decisions.
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    @murse89 I received the letter by mail. I live in Phoenix. I was told all the letters were sent out on last Thursday, 3/21. So if you live far from LA, it might take a while before your get your letter. My online status still has not changed yet. Don't give up hope yet. Give a week and good luck to you!
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    has anyone received the email link yet?
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    I received a letter from UCLA that I am the number 1 on the ALTERNATE LIST (aka wait list) for adult/gero primary NP specialty. Do you guys think there would be high chance of me getting into the program? I have only applied to two schools so far and I am quite depressed ryt now...
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    Well that's good that u r number 1. Hopefully u will get in. Do u mind telling about your work experience? Since I think I'm not in I'd like to know what I need to do next time. Thanks and best of luck