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    Hi trailblazer1,
    just to let you know that there is a facebook page called "UCLA MECN 2014" since March 13th. not that many people are on it yet.....
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    oh! I had no idea. I couldn't come up with anything when I searched for it originally. Is it open to the public? I found a ucla mecn 2014 page, but thought a fb group would be more practical since you can upload docs, etc. I'll try looking again.
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    Does anyone have the latest update on the waiting-list?
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    any updates guys?
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    31 just got in me !
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    Congrats Aaj8191!

    Let's keep our fingers crossed for the rest of us!!!
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    Thank u best of luck everyone
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    Hey There Current MECNs & Los Angelites,

    I have a logistical question and would be super grateful for any insight:

    I am relocating to L.A. for school. I have an opportunity to live cheaply with old friends on the East Side of the city (Silverlake area) and I'd love to avoid living with strangers at the beginning.
    I am no stranger to the L.A. area, but not sure how brutal of a commute it will be to Westwood from the other side of town..?
    After over a decade car-free in NYC, I am also hoping to take public transportation/van pool/bike as much as possible, to have time to study en route to school. Do you think this is doable? Are there many commuters in the MECN program or do most live in/near Westwood?
    During the first few terms, are you on campus more than 4 days a week?

    Grateful for any/all thoughts and best to all!
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    i just got accepted & was number 35 on the wait list!!
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    @dtran: That's awesome news, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
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    Hello everyone!

    Does anyone if the wait-list has continued to move pass #35? I tried calling on friday but (4/20/12) but couldn't get through

    Also, does anyone know if there are any outstanding schools that have not yet sent out correspondence to their applicants?

    Thanks guys!
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    Hi! Anyone looking for roommates near the area?
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    I'm car-free in Los Angeles. If your place is along a major bus route it should be no big deal to commute across town. It's only $1.50 to ride the bus here, way cheaper than NYC. It's also really safe. You can do it!