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    Hi everyone! I wanted to get your take on residency programs. I was searching info about them in Illinois and it seems like a good opportunity to get hands-on experience before actually being on the floor by yourself. Some programs pay and some do not pay. I just wanted to see if anyone have ever done a residency before and if so do you think it beneficial? I'm graduating in May of 2013 and I thinking it might land me a job. I only have my associate of applied science so if I can try this program it can make me a more competent nurse. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance!

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    Yes! I am a huge fan of nurse residencies. I completed a 9 month critical care residency when i was a new grad and it launched my career. I have never heard of a non paid residency and I would do it unpaid. I believe it should be standard that all new nurses complete a paid residency.

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