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    I'm currently finishing up my baccalaureate degree & am interested in furthering my education by working towards my masters. I know I would like to be a Nurse Practitioner but no one has really explained the various types/specialties involved. I would prefer to work in a hospital setting (I enjoy the fast paced hustle and bustle!). I was thinking about entering a Family NP program, but was unsure if Family NP's work on hospital units. Anyone have any personal experience or suggestions about NP programs?


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    It is good to do your research now.

    A Family Nurse Practitioner is a primary care role. In fact the name of the certification will likely be changing in the next year or two to 'Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Family'. If you really like the hospital setting and acute care, then I would encourage you to pursue either the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP or the Pediatric Acute Care NP role.

    I would encourage you to first think about what sort of role you want (what type of setting, what sort of patient population, etc). Then pursue the educational program that meets those goals and aspirations.

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