Online MBA in healthcare

  1. Hello all, does anyone recommend an online MBA program in healthcare for nurses? also, how has the MBA improved your career in nursing/healthcare?
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  3. by   labordude
    Any particular reason why you want an MBA? Have you thought about MSN or MHA? I only ask because the choice of degree can matter with your career path. That being said, I'm a nurse and will complete my MBA at George Washington University (highly respected for MHA and healthcare management programs). I have no intention of going into nursing management though and want to go into consulting, thus the MBA was a better choice for me. If you want to move up the hospital chain of command WITH a nursing background, you might want to consider the MHA or the combined MSN with either MHA or MBA. If you do choose the MBA, go to the best reputed/ranked school you can get into. With an MBA, that does matter when looking for jobs outside of the hospital environment. Best of luck.
  4. by   Midwestnurse365
    Yes, I am thinking of positions outside of hospitals. What other schools did you consider?
  5. by   Midwestnurse365
    What other online schools would you recommend for MBA IN HEALTHCARE?