NP practicing as RN?

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    I'm a new graduate RN and I'm already planning my next step. I just started in the ED and I know that I will love it and will want to stay there for a while. My ED doesn't employ NPs, so I wonder if I can get an NP and then just keep practicing as RN or if I will lose my NP license. I'm in NY, if it matters.

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    There is no reason that you could not continue to practice as an RN. You just have to be careful that when you are working as an RN, you follow your state's practice act for an RN (and avoid the temptation to BE an NP). You must also make sure that your employer does not get your roles confused. I have worked with several NPs that continued to work as an RN on the side either for "fun" or to "keep up my skills."
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    Why would you do that? Why not go somewhere they do use NPs in the ER? Or just stay working as an RN in the ER if that's what you're happy with. No point getting the NP just for the heck of it.

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