Need to repeat Pathophysiology--any good online programs?

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    Hello all,

    It is me again. I just got done retaking Intermediate Stats and Pathophysiology. I passed Stats but I missed getting a B by 5.6 points and ended up with a B- which my school will NOT accept. This totally annoys me as how the class was run was NOT conducive to learning. There was was TOO much info crammed into 10 weeks. Needless to say, since I had to repeat stats and because I fell short of getting a straight B, I am needing to repeat the course. I need to find an online graduate Patho class while I wait to transfer to another university. I haven't formally been asked to withdraw from the program I am in but I know that will happen. I just need a fresh start and taking the Patho over would be better NOW as opposed to waitin around doing nothing.

    Thanks for any help here!


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