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Need Help with AANP/AANC exam

  1. 0 HI everybody,

    My name is Sheena and wanted to know if someone can help me with AANP/ANCC exam...I took the exam and failed for 32 pointsl..I was a strong student in school but is having hard time passing my boards because of my test taking anxiety and test taking strategies then i start changing my answers from right to wrong and failed the test. If someone can please help or e-mail me and let me know how can i improve. Very hard to see my self fail..after studying so hard...... I took the Fitz review course and have all the books i need to review the material. In the exam i could narrow down to 2 choices but can't pick the right one.
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    I understand just how you feel! I failed both exams! I just started back studying after taking 2 months off because I was so mentally drained!

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