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    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with online classes? I am finding it extremely difficult to "study" based on a power point presentation! Plus, what are your suggestion of doing "group work" for papers?? Any thoughts/ideas/prayers would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!!!
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    Are you in a program at USA already? I signed up for the Spring 2013 Adult/Geriatric NP program. I am hoping to hear in the next couple of weeks if I am accepted. Do you mind giving me some information on your program? Are the lessons mainly power points? How many papers are required? Any positives or negatives on your program or USA so far? Are there a lot of textbooks required, and is there a textbook rental program? That's an extra expense I think a lot of us forget about when comparing costs. I appreciate any information you can give me. I've seen some negative reviews online about USA, but I know not every program is a good fit for everyone.

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