Masters degree NP cutoff question

  1. 0 I heard that the requirement for NP will soon be a doctorate degree. Does anyone have info on this?
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    Take a look at this thread and it should answer your question:
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    A doctorate is what some of the movers and shakers in nursing want NPs to eventually have. I'm of a mindset that the nursing doctorate is of poor design. It is not currently and will not likely be for many years to come a mandatory requirement. Also those that already have a masters will get grandfathered in. How can I be sure? Because advanced practice nurses exist to fulfill a physician primary care shortage -or- serve an underserved population [choose your philosophy]. If suddenly masters trained NPs couldn't be NPs then those movers and shakers in nursing, many of whom don't have doctorates, would suddenly be contradicting themselves. I have no desire to spend the time or funds on a doctorate. If I wanted to I would've already gone to medical school.
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    Quote from sittenfeld
    Take a look at this thread and it should answer your question:
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