Is there no chance if I got a C?

  1. I've applied to the Entry Level Program (for 2013) for several schools, but my biggest concern is my C in Anatomy.

    Otherwise, I have an A in all my prereqs (physio, micro, chem, nutrition, and all the non-science prereqs). I do have to take biochemical, but I fully intend to own it and get an A.

    My GPA is only about a 3.2.

    My GRE score was 166/164/5.5 and I'm retaking my TEAS in a week.

    I've applied to APU, CSULA, CSULB, SMU, Western, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Boston College. I highly doubt I'll be accepted to the east coast schools, so I'm more concerned about the CA schools...

    Any thoughts?
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