Graduating Soon....Then What???

  1. Did you ever think you'd get here? I mean, the end is near and now I am confused about what to do next. I am a current PCA at a hospital in Cincinnati that offeres a Critical Care Residency program. I am trying to decide if I want to stick around in Cincy and apply for the residency program or if I want to just try to find a job elsewhere. I finish my role transition in March and am really undecided about what to do between finishing and graduation in May. My goal is to get boards over with and then....well...then I don't know. I am also torn about which degree to seek post grad since I have a BA in a nonmedical field but will only have an ADN when I leave school. Do I go for an MSN or a BSN? I am filled with questions and worries at this point. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   DutchRN09
    I would start by securing a job as a nurse, if you want to further your education you can do that once you are working, and your hospital may help you with tuition reimbursement. If you have an opportunity at your current place, take it, it sounds like jobs are hard to come by for lots of new grads.