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  1. I applied to Univ Cincinnati's FNP Distance Learning program for the Winter 2012 quarter - however, I was not accepted. My GPA is 3.4 and had strong references - I know that my goal statement wasn't very strong. I am still unsure as to what exactly the committee is wanting in such a statement. Any advice on writing the professional/personal goal statement is greatly appreciated. I really want to be accepted to this program and obviously was disappointed when I did not get in - but I know that everything happens for a reason - so I will just keep trying at UC and at other schools. Thanks in advance for your advice!
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  3. by   LookingAhead
    Hi sara,

    First off, you can try contacting UC and asking for their advice on what they're looking for - some places will give this kind of advice over the phone. Second of all, have you asked current students in the program or elsewhere, or current FNPs to look over your statement? They may be able to give you advice on what to highlight.

    good luck!