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Frontier CFNP Class 118

  1. 0 Hello all! I have applied to Frontier's CFNP class 118 and am eagerly awaiting the final word on acceptance. This is a roll-call to seek out others who have applied to 118 so that we can network prior to frontier bound....

    I wish us all the best of luck!
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    Hi there! I applied to Frontier class 118, but for WHCNP. I am also eagerly awaiting an email. Good luck to you! I'll report back here as soon as I hear anything.
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    Hello! I have applied to CFNP class of 118. Should be hearing soon. Monday is the 6 week mark!
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    Hey guys, I just received my acceptance email for WHNP class 118! Very excited! Frontier Bound is right around the corner. Hope to hear from everyone else soon!
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    I'm CNEP Class 82. Welcome to the family.
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    Thank you Babycatcher!!
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    I actually got into class 116 as there was a last minute opening!!!

    Did you find out if you are in?
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    Congrats Calpurnia! I am in also, FNP class 116!!!