Emory University MSN program

  1. I will be starting the MSN program at Emory this coming fall. I was just wondering if there is anyone who currently attends Emory or knows any information on the program. I am excited to be pursuing a Masters degree, but I am still a little nervous. So any insight from Emory students or any NP student would be great.
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  3. by   FLAgal14
    First, congrats on getting into Emory! It's a great school all around. I didn't go to nursing school there, but I got my MPH there and the public health school is shared between the public health students and nursing students. And there were tons of the nursing students in my public health classes so I did have the opportunity to interact with nursing students there. From what I gather - it's a great nursing program. And if you are interested in public health you can always take classes at the public health school too. Have you ever been to Atlanta or Georgia? They have dorms for grad students which I chose to live in - they were actually pretty nice and at the time not too expensive (I paid $500 a month for a 3 bedroom apartment and it included cable, internet, electric,and parking in the garage).

    If you have any questions about the area or the school PM me. Good luck!