ELMSN USUNIVERSITY.(formally- interamerican college)- Chula Vista-CA

  1. 0 Can someone please enlighten me on this program? Has any one graduated from there or is any one currently attenending of thinking of enrolling? I am really interested in this school, however, I can't find them on the CA Borad of registered nursing and I found no NCLEX data on them...:-?? Someone please help! Thanks
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    They are on the BRN website. Did u apply?
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    Quote from trmcnair
    They are on the BRN website. Did u apply?

    They are on the BRN. I have not applied yet. I am trying to see if a current student will post some helpful info on here or perhaps someone who has applied to enlighten us :-/ . I have been really eager to get some more info. There are a few other blogs on here with some info .
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    I applied & intethey will have results on April 12th!
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    Applied and interviewed results will be in April 12th!
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    Did you get in? What is it like...? You can send me a PM
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    I have heard bad things about this school and possibly it's accreditation
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    I called them for info...they are currently on suspension and not accepting students until who knows when...eek!

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