DNP with dual specialties (FNP/PNP) out there? DNP with dual specialties (FNP/PNP) out there? | allnurses

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DNP with dual specialties (FNP/PNP) out there?

  1. 0 I have looked all over to find out whether this exist. my next stop is to call a school with a DNP program and asked if I can alter the curriculum to include it? I have seen MSN programs that offer dual FNP/PNP so I would think there would be a DNP program that offers the same....if that doesn't exist yet (because I'm sure it will be eventually)...would it be better, time wise, to complete a MSN program with dual specialty and then pursue a DNP program? Unlike the MSN programs I have seen, even if dual, most are 2 years in length, MSN-DNP still seem to be 3 years + in length? any thoughts?