Direct Entry MSN Programs in Texas?

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    I was wondering if anyone could provide me any information about any "Direct Entry MSN Programs (Non-nursing degree)" near Texas and how difficult it is to be accepted into the program. Is there any special afilliated programs out there in which students applying have a better advantage?

    ANY information about the direct entry MSN programs would be extremely helpful to me in order to make a decision about my future.

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  3. by   wpolorocker
    There are a bunch of schools that offer accelerated BSNs in Texas, but I think only UT Austin offers a DE MSN. Check out this list: American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Accelerated Nursing Programs Click the link that says "List of Accelerated BSN and MSN Programs."
    Here's UT's website on the subject: School of Nursing | The University of Texas at Austin | Prospective Students
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