CSU Long Beach MSN Fall 2013

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    thought I'd start a thread for Fall 2013 applicants to CSU Long Beach's MSN degrees.
    has anyone heard any updates on when we'll hear back about decisions?

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    No update yet... I applied to adult/gero primary care NP there.
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    Haven't heard anything either.
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    I emailed the department asking when they thought they'd send out decisions and was told probably around mid-May. I applied for Women's Health NP.
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    I got my acceptance letter for the Women's Health NP program last week. Does anyone know where I can find info/ review/ opinions on the quality of this program? I was also accepted to Univ. of Colorado's Midwifery program and am having a hard time deciding between the two.
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    I got the acceptance letter from the SON today. I applied to BSN to FNP. The letter says I will have to submit the letter of intent by June 5th.

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