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  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'm so confused regarding graduate education. I'll be practicing as a nurse for 3 yrs as of October this yr. Thoughts of a graduate degree have been haunting me. I've only worked in med-surg, but found maternal nursing very interesting. In the past I've wanted to become a Midwife. However, I feel like they're becoming phased out and the whole malpractice thing scares me. I'm afraid that if I become a midwife I won't have a job for very long since I feel like ob/gyn's can do everything that they do and might be more trusted for hire. But most importantly I don't even know if becoming a midwife is the right path since I haven't been exposed to the area. I decided that the best thing for me do is to transfer for to L&D just to get the feel of the environment and to confirm that it's the area that I absolutely want to be in. My question is: Are there any other advanced degrees to pursue in maternal nursing except for Midwifery or Women's Health NP. I see myself working with teenagers throughout pregnancy but don't know what degree will get me there. I see that in the past you could get certified in the area but now that's cancelled. I need some advice please!