Boston College Direct Entry Program

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    anyone applying this cycle?

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    Count me in too!
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    Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back about interviews? In December or...?
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    I applied! Also wondering about when we should hear back! Soooo excited/nervous!
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    I'm a 2009 grad of the BC Direct Entry program, and I currently precept FNP students for the program. To my knowledge, BC does not do interviews. It's all about what you put on your application. You should be hearing from them sometime in January. Best of luck to you all! Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    me too! what other schools did you guys apply to?
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    Quote from pink_zebra
    anyone applying this cycle?
    BCMGH (for acc BSN) UPennColumbia

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