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    Hi! baw12007, how do you like the program?? I just got accepted to the same program and will be starting this Fall!

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    Just got into the Adult Geriatric NP program yesterday and I'm definitely going! So excited!

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    Hi! Is anyone going to BC starting this fall?? I recently got accepted and wanted to see if anyone else is planning to go there!
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    I recently got accepted too! I'm trying to decide between this and MGH, and it seems like each one has completely polar opposite pros and cons. I keep going in circles, and its harder since I can't visit before the deadline. Are you going there for sure?
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    Also! I was wondering if anybody felt that not getting the BSN portion in the direct entry program hindered their ability to get a job after. It seems that we graduate with an MSN, but no RN experience-- and I've been told that it's much harder to find placement in that situation. Any insight into that would be amazing
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    I also got accepted for PNP but I have many of the same concerns about the program -- is it too short, is it hard to get a job afterward (esp with no BSN), etc. Can anyone who is currently in or has been through the program speak to how prepared they feel and how hard it is to get a job after graduating? I'm not set on practicing in the Boston area but I'd love to hear a perspective from a current or past student. Also, after a lot of soul searching and pre-application shadowing, I am also potentially interested in switching from PNP to PMHNP just because I feel like the specialty fits my long-term interests better (I'm very interested in autism and family therapy) so if anyone could speak about how hard it is to switch to PMHNP, I'd also really appreciate it!
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    Valeria7 - I am definitely going to BC and sent in my deposit on Friday! What specialty did you get accepted for? I;m doing adult/gero. I also got into MGH and there are several reasons I chose BC over MGH - 1. It is one of the best nursing schools out there! 2. (not sure if this is true but) I heard MGH has a lot of online classes. 3. BC is MUCH cheaper (around 120,000 for MGH and 78,000 for BC). 4. 2 vs. 3 years - I was worried about how intense it's going to be since it's a 2 year program, but I got in touch with someone who went there, and it seems doable. She told me no one had problems getting a job after. Another plus is that the classes at BC are smaller and you get a lot of more personal attention throughout the program. Definitely let me know what you end up choosing!

    Does anyone have other thoughts on BC?
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    whatatreat86-- I got accepted for Women's Health at BC and dual women's health/adult-gero at MGH. I also got accepted at Columbia, but they removed their women's health program the day after admissions letters went out (which made the decision weirder since they offered any other specialty to choose from, except what I actually want to do with my life). Ultimately, I realized that Boston is for me...but I was also looking forward to the city experience. It's a little weird to me that the MGH campus isn't really a campus, nor does it seem to be in a location where everything is around in a city way anyway. I was beginning to think that BC was too far, but then put it into perspective for myself that I live in San Francisco and getting anywhere in this city takes just about as much time, and about an extra year after that if you're trying to find parking.

    I realize a huge bonus is the price, but I was wondering if I wanted to pursue the dual track just to keep my options open. I also realize that the dual track would be an extra 25,000 dollars, and I would have to keep my certification current even if I'm not practicing adult health.

    I know that a couple of people that I've spoken to have mentioned that MGH has an amazing affiliation with MGH hospital, but that the clinicals are hit or miss...and then I read on here that BC has amazing clinical placement as well.

    The only thing that keeps confusing me is the lack of BSN. I say that only because I definitely want to go back to california to practice, and I know I'll probably need to work around boston for a year or so...which means that I'd want to find a job as soon as possible to begin gaining experience.

    I keep wondering if it's smart to do the masters part time, take a year off (i think that was a possibility??), or just power through it and hope that the places we did clinicals will offer us a job as an NP when we're done.

    I'm beginning to lean more and more towards BC, so now it's just about finding out more details that help the case, and financial aid. I didn't even know they have a second financial aid packet to fill out after the FAFSA until someone at admissions told me, followed by "yeeeeeah, we're not exactly communication savvy here". I'm assuming that all financial aid stuff (excluding the FAFSA) is done after we accept the offer?
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    Hi all! I'm from Chicago and am sending in my deposit to BC for PNP. I also got into Marquette and Vanderbilt (acute) and I'm still waiting to hear from Rush, UIC, and Northeastern, but I am set on BC. I've actually never been to Boston so I'm going out there Monday-Wednesday of next week to meet with faculty and tour the school.

    If anyone is making the move to Boston and will need a roommate, please let me know! I don't know if I can reply to private messages since I'm still kind of new, but feel free to reply to my comment or shoot me an email!
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    Hi guys! Congrats on your acceptances! I recently have sent my deposit in as well for PNP. Like many of you I have been going back and forth between a few different schools but have been leaning towards BC. I interviewed with Northeastern yesterday so am waiting hear back from them and am attending the visiting day at Columbia next week which I hope will help me make my final decision!

    I did speak with someone at BC recently who had told me that after the class is filled they complete the financial aid aspect of each application. Unfortunately, this is not at all helpful for making the decision of where to attend but I think even with no financial aid BC is significantly cheaper than many of the other programs.

    Good luck with everyones decisions!
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    I'm so happy that a lot of people are deciding on BC! Has anyone sent in a deposit for ANP??

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