Best (fast and cheapest) way to go RN-MSN with a BS and MS in another field

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    I graduated from a diploma program in Dec and looking to get my MSN. I hold a BS in kinesiology and MS in exercise science. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend an all online RN-MSN program. I know Sacred Heart has one and is about $530 a credit and 8 week classes. Does anyone know of any other ones or has someone done SHU program and do you like it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am enrolled and set to graduate Feb 2013 with my MSN-informatics from Excelsior. They have some 8wk classes but most are 15. They are $480 a credit, it's all online except your Capstone practicum which you have to find a preceptor and create a project related to your major. I think they have clinical systems, education, and informatics.

    Good luck.

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