Azusa ELM 2012/2013

  1. I figure I'll start a new thread since there hasn't been one yet. The other one if pilling up. Please post if you have any questions! I applied for Azusa Spring 2013 Semester at SD and was accepted for Summer 2013 instead. However, 1 week ago, I received a call that there was a spot open this Fall at the main campus so I jumped on it! Just sent in my deposit. I'm hoping to find other people who were admitted for the same program.

    So happy!
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  3. by   eva78
    Hi there,
    congratulations! Starting sooner is always better...I also allplied for Spring 2013 in SD and I got in :-). Are you planning on buying textbooks from the bookstore? I was hoping to found someone here that would like to sell theirs....