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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you... Read More

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    In my interview I was told the first 16 months you get your BSN and then get a few months off to study for the nclex and get a job then continue on to your masters part time (unless you don't want to work and just get the masters full time) but I was told you'd get a BSN...it's the reason I picked this school. Who told you you wouldn't get a BSN? I'd call and ask for Jeanie Tuckness. She's the one with all the answers! They have so many programs you might have talked to someone not aware of this specific program.

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    thanks mmcnabb3! your information helped a lot!
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    heres a direct quote from the email i got today about the program....

    "BSN will be awarded upon completion of all prelicensure requirements, including the clinical residency and the student will be eligible to sit for the RN-NCLEX examination.

    Students may proceed to post-licensure coursework upon completion of the 4 semesters of prelicensure coursework, while completing the clinical residency.

    Post licensure units required to meet MSN graduation requirements are determined by specialty area chosen. Any graduate units which were utilized to fulfill the prelicensure BSN requirement are not eligible for fulfillment of post licensure MSN unit requirements."

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    Hello all! I just graduated from the ELMSN program so I think I could be of some help.

    * Yes, you get your BSN after you finish your preceptorship. In the previous cohorts they had some issues finding work because they just had their RN license with no ADN, BSN, etc. to go along with it so now the program includes your BSN. This works out nicely for those who don't plan on going on for the Masters portion because you don't leave empty handed.
    * Fill out a new application for every cycle and fix the weaknesses in your application. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED IF YOU GET REJECTED! I was rejected for two start dates, told there was no wait list (there is), and was in the middle of starting my third application when two weeks before the Fall session they called me to tell me they had a seat for me. I got accepted into the first cohort and location I had originally applied to and had previously been rejected from. It's all about persistence!
    * If you have the chance to interview, ask to see your file so you can go through it with the person conducting the interview. Make sure that your file is in order when they go through it. On my 2nd interview I asked the interviewer to go over it with me and to show me areas where I could improve. We discovered that someone had not written in my file that I had gotten a 4.0 when pursuing a previous degree. My interviewer straight out said that this would have made a difference in my acceptance if they had seen it the first time I applied. Grrr! It was super frustrating to hear that, but in the end it worked out.
    * The Azusa cohort is taking their pre-licensure classes at the Monrovia location. Better parking, better classrooms, and way more food options there than @ Azusa. I'm kind of jealous because for the NP portion we go back to Azusa West campus. Boo!

    Good luck to all of you!
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to help some sistas (and brothas) out! I am at the SD location and Im suuuuuuuuuuper nervous and slightly excited. Can you give any advice to us noobies going in? How did the accelerated program work for you? Could you retain everything you learned so quickly and apply it? What was your week schedule like?

    Sorry i have so many questions but ive never been able to talk to a previous APU ELM graduate or someone even in the program still.

    Now that you graduated, were you able to find a job right away? I hear mixed reviews that they dont hire nurses with a masters these days because of the pay increase of our title, theyd rather hire a BSN to pay less. Id love to get your opinion of everything!
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    Has anyone not heard from azusa at all for the fall term ?
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    Quote from shamu12
    Has anyone not heard from azusa at all for the fall term ?
    have you not received a letter in the mail? I would for sure give them a call and see, because either way you would know by now. They told me end of january at the latest. Good luck!
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    Quote from shamu12
    Has anyone not heard from azusa at all for the fall term ?
    I haven't heard from azusa either ): I called the monrovia campus (where azusa is expanding to) twice last week (kept ringing), left a voicemail & sent an email, but no response yet.
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    I called at the end of January to see what was taking so long, and since I had applied on the very last day (Nov 1st), I was sort of expecting them to get back to me a little later. Anyway, when I called, I spoke with someone directly in the nursing admissions office and she said that the school was changing some of their policies for the ELM program, and that they were now accepting more students for Spring AND Summer in addition to Fall, which is a very good thing for all of us sitting ducks!! She said that everyone should know by the end of February. Well, mid March is around the corner and I still hadn't heard back from anyone at APU -- until this afternoon!!
    I got an email asking if I was still interested in the program and if so, when I could come in for an interview (yay)! So just be patient, I'm sure you will hear back soon. I was expecting a letter, but I got an email instead, which was even better. If you call in the morning, they are more likely to answer their phones.
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    I have an interview tomorrow! Good luck on to you

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