Use of buretrols in pediatrics

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    I am asking other pediatric nurses their use of buretrols. Are you using them? If not, why not. Our hospital has recently told us we were not going to use them for our patients. Is this a safe practice. Any sharing would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    There was a similar thread started yesterday:
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    Thanks Jolie! I will look there!
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    I come from a large pediatric hospital and we have gone nw
    back and forth about the reliabiliy of our smartpumps. Our manufacturer hadput some data suggesting some episodes of overinfusions had occurred. They upgraded our pumps, but we still use buretrols as a safeguard. Our policy is to program only two hours of volume at a time. I'm not sure what the cost difference is, but if we promote patient safety, then it is worth it.

    Follow up with us a let us know what you discover.

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