Soon to be PICU nurse!!!

  1. 1 Hi everyone,

    I just got the call from HR and they offered me a position in PICU!!! I am soooo excited to finally start in the specialty that I've wanted. I just wanted to post here because I will probably be asking some questions too.
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    Congrats and welcome to the most exciting specialty in nursing.
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    Welcome to the PICU world!!! =) it truly is an amazing field. GOOD LUCK!
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    Thank you both. I just started last week and my fourth day of orientation was today. It is very exciting and there is so much to learn! I feel like I'm back in school. I put in my first IV on a 7 year old and also drew blood from a little one today amongst other things. So far I love it!
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    Congratulations!! PICU is my dream job! Are you experienced in Pediatrics or a New Grad? How exciting!!

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