Question about blood sugars

  1. Hello All!
    I am a member of our units practice council and we are currently working on some practice issues. I wanted to get an idea of what other hospital practices are on bedside glucose monitoring. Right now our practice is anyone under 6 months of age we do blood sugars Q4H and Q8H on everyone else. We do have some that require more frequent monitoring, such as DKAs. We feel that we may be poking these patients too often and unnecessarily. Please let me know what your hospital policies are.
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  3. by   ittybabyRN
    Well, I work in a NICU so for that under 6month population, if they are on IVF and NPO we get them q8 and if they are stable for 24 hrs then q12, also q12 if they have been stable on TPN. If they are on insulin obviously that is another story and we have a whole protocol for that that we keep at the bedside. If they are eating full feeds and glucoses have been stable for a few days then they are no longer done