PICU Preceptorship, any advice PICU Nurses?!

  1. Hi all! I am a senior nursing student and I was placed on a PICU for preceptorship. I start my first shift this week! I always felt that it was my true calling to become a peds nurse. I had such a wonderful experience when I had my clinical on a general pediatrics floor. I absolutely love working with children but something about being on a PICU intimidates me. I tend to become overwhelmed easily and I feel like I don't have the confidence or critical thinking skills needed to be on this floor. I want to leave a good impression but I'm afraid my preceptor will think lowly of me because of this. Also, thinking about these types of kids on this unit breaks my heart. Any tips on what I can do to prepare? (What is a typical day like, what commonly used drugs should I know, what skills are needed, etc.)

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you so much!

    PS: There was only one position open for a general pediatrics floor, but my classmates and I decided it would be best to let our friend who is 7 months pregnant have it. Therefore, I cannot ask to be switched onto another unit.
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