New Grad Nurse Looking for Job in PICU

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have just started the final practicum of my nursing degree on PICU. I have known for a long time time this is where I wanted to work and so far am loving it. I have an interview coming up and am just wondering what types of questions I should be prepared to answer as I have never had an interview for a nursing position. Any tips or suggestions would eb greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    I am not sure on what "types" of questions they may ask but I am sure there will be situational questions and prepare for that as well as basic questions on strengths or weaknesses and such. Congrats on the interview!!
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    Read through the related sticky's on this topic! I did, and had some of the exact questions people talked about, it really helped me to have some time to prep myself because I was nervous during the interview. Good luck!!!
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    How did your interview go? Did you get into the PICU?
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    There was a quite a waiting period between my interview and start of orientation but I can finally say I have a spot on PICU!
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