HELP! I want to be in PICU! Any tips? HELP! I want to be in PICU! Any tips? | allnurses

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HELP! I want to be in PICU! Any tips?

  1. 0 Hi I am a NICU nurse with 1year experience. I recently got hired for a NICU position here in Canada, and I want to try PICU in the future (maybe after 1-2yrs). My question is, what are the requirements to be in PICU? Will my NICU experience be an advantage to be considered for a PICU position?

    I am also planning to enrol in an online program for Critical Care Nursing Program which is a 8month post-graduate course. Originally, I wanted to work in adult ICU but I realized (due to my size) turning big patients would be a challenge for me. I like critical care, I love NICU but I also want to try something new and which sort of in between of NICU and Adult ICU, and that's PICU.

    Hope to get some advice from PICU or former NICU nurses out there.
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